You may remember last year, Netflix unveiled that it would be adding mobile games to its platform. Just last December, RocketRide Games delivered two titles to the aforementioned platform and has since signed on to deliver more. 

Netflix is now officially making its way from movie streaming into gaming this year as they kick off with the announcement of its partnership with RocketRide Games. 

 Mike Verdu, Netflix’s VP of Game Development, announced in September 2021 that the company had acquired Night School Studio. Further spearheading their venture into gaming by acquiring the streaming company’s first video game studio. The studio created games such as Oxenfree and Oxenfree I, it’s sequel. From the looks of it, this will likely not be the last acquisition as Verdu announces that Netflix plans to continue working with developers to deliver exclusive games to subscribers.

Currently netflix offers games based on currently owned IP (Intellectual Property) such as: Stranger Things 3: The Game and Stanger Things 1984; As well as non-IP based games like: Asphalt Xtreme, Knittens, Krispee Street, and Dungeon Dwarves.

Netflix’s gaming arm allows subscribers with a current subscription to the service, access to a growing mobile gaming library at no extra price. According to the recent shareholder letter, executives touch on the platform’s future approach for gaming:

Since launch, we released an additional five games, bringing the total to ten for 2021. It’s still very early days but we’re pleased with our progress. In 2022, we’ll expand our portfolio of games across both casual and core gaming genres as we continue to program a breadth of game types to learn what our members enjoy most.


So far Netflix’s reach into the gaming industry has only included casual games, this latest acquisition may push for more expansive titles with more cohesive stories, detailed graphics and multiplayer capabilities.

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